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Is the City Right for You?

There is no denying this is an exciting time to be in Boston. More and more suburban homeowners are transitioning to the city as they approach retirement. For the Boomer Generation, retirement looks different than it did for their parents. Not content to settle for the shuffleboard court, this generation is on the move!

Boston offers a variety of neighborhoods to suit all tastes. From the stately brownstones and high rise towers in the Back Bay, to the open markets and fine dining in the South End, and onto the open ocean and trendy hot spots in South Boston, the city embraces everyone.

While easy access to restaurants, theater, art galleries, comedy clubs,  sporting    events and shopping attracts many Boomers, part of the allure of city living is also the simplicity of life. Transportation gets easier, as everything you could need or want is within steps, or a quick Uber ride away. You no longer have to worry about lawn care or home maintenance.

Whether you are looking for city views or open ocean views, a high rise condo or a multi-level townhouse, Boston is the answer. If you are thinking about a future in the city, contact me today. As a Boston resident and Realtor, as well as a former suburban homeowner, I am prepared to help you realize your real estate vision for the future.

Common Questions and Concerns

I don't know what my budget will buy in the city.

The beauty of Boston is in its ability to accommodate a variety of price points. After we discuss your priorities, I will show you a range of options.

We have thought about the city, but what if we move and we don't like it?

Some clients choose to rent for a period of time before committing to a purchase. After we meet, if that is your choice, I will assist  you  infinding your, "I am trying it on for size," temporary home.

Will downsizing save me money?

Many people find when they add the cost of taxes, insurance, maintenance, including lawn-care, snow removal, and general upkeep, they save money by general upkeep, they save money by downsizing.

How will other life events affect my living in a smaller space?

While many residences in the city will accommodate entertaining, those who choose smaller spaces often enjoy gathering with friends for a drink before heading out to enjoy any number of local restaurants.

How do I find the right city escape home?

Some clients maintain their suburban homes and are looking for a pied a terre, a smaller home in the city. We'll review your priorities: Do you want bedrooms for the children, or just a romantic getaway? I will locate your ideal second home.

Let us Introduce Ourselves!

As a Boston Realtor, I specialize in transitioning suburban homeowners to the city, Whether it is a rental or a new home purchase, I will help you realize your real estate vision for the future.

While many of my clients are downsizing, others are seeking a pied a terre, a second, smaller home in the city. Whatever your needs, I meet you where you are in life, and transition you to where you want to be.

If you are looking to downsize, I know the process can be daunting. But I will assist you with tips,    techniques and services that will help you declutter, store, sell, donate or move your belongings, as we stage your suburban home for a quick sale at a maximum profit

I look forward to meeting you!

Gregory Shugal

Urban Relocation Specialist